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KING QUEEN 01 Couple Matching T-shirt - 1000Miles

KING QUEEN 01 Couple Matching T-shirt

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Let your partner know that they rule your heart with these amazing couple T-shirts!

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: King,Queen

Queen Size (For Women)

XS Clothes length 61cm Bust 91cm Shoulder 37cm
S Clothes length 63.5cm Bust 93.98cm Shoulder 38cm
M Clothes length 64cm Bust 97cm Shoulder 39cm
L Clothes length 66cm Bust 101cm Shoulder 40cm
XL Clothes length 67cm Bust 105cm Shoulder 41cm
2XL Clothes length 68cm Bust 109cm Shoulder 42cm
3XL Clothes length 69cm Bust 113cm Shoulder 43cm

King Size(For Men)
XS Clothes length 68cm Bust 100cm Shoulder 39cm
S Clothes length 69cm Bust 102cm Shoulder 40cm
M Clothes length 71cm Bust 106cm Shoulder 41cm
L Clothes length 72cm Bust 110cm Shoulder 42cm
XL Clothes length 73cm Bust 114cm Shoulder 43cm
2XL Clothes length 74cm Bust 118cm Shoulder 44cm
3XL Clothes length 76cm Bust 121cm Shoulder 45cm


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